Mini Militia Troubleshooting Guide 2023

Mini Militia Troubleshooting Guide

Hey Pro Militians!

Doodle Army 2 is a popular action game with a staggering 100 million + downloads. The mod version of mini militia has gained popularity for its free features, but no game is devoid of troubles and lags. It’s a common thing to face issues while playing mobile games. You may experience lags, crashes, and log-in issues. We know this is frustrating if you’re trying to enjoy the battle after a long day at work. Chin up dear, we’ve got you covered.

Here we’ll discuss the most common mini militia troubleshooting. Follow our guide and have smooth combat with friends for hours. 

This is the list of typical problems that occur in mini militia APK and mini militia mod APK:

  • Log-in problems
  • Lost email account
  • The mini Militia App isn’t working
  • Problem loading the list of servers online
  • Crashes and lags
  • The multiplayer game does not load for online play
  • Unresponsive players
  • Problem using the Pro Pack

Guide to Mini Militia Troubleshooting

Based on our experience of playing the game and frequently asked questions from the play store, we have researched the needed troubleshoots for the mini militia APK. Also, use our tips and tricks to avoid being stuck in the game.

Mini Militia Log-in Troubleshoot

Logging in is required to play the game online with multiple players. Players face log-in issues daily and report that they cannot find players online. To solve this issue, you’ll need to reset the mini militia APK file on your android phone. It is better to reset the app preferences to the default setting.

If the game is still not working, look into your internet connection. An unstable internet might cause this error.

Lost My Email or Facebook Account

As you know, the combat is available for Android and iOS devices. So, there are 4 types of accounts that you can use on the mini militia game center; an email, a guest ID, an Apple ID, and a Facebook account.

For new or old email accounts, use a verification code to recover the account and continue playing.

If you’ve lost your guest ID, then you won’t be able to recover it. The latest doodle army 2 doesn’t allow you to recover guest accounts.

For Apple users, recover your account from the Apple store.

If you’re using a Facebook account, you can recover the game log-in via an email linked to your Facebook.

Why Mini Militia APK isn’t Working?

A common mini militia troubleshooting is needed when the app stops working. You can fix it by enabling the developer option in your phone settings. If your phone has low storage, then it might hinder APKs. 

I have a Problem Loading the List of Servers

Sometimes, when the Mini Militia server is down or overloaded, players might face loading issues. There are more than 100 million users of doodle army 2, and such lags are obvious. 

Also, when the game is undergoing an update the servers might run a bit slow. To solve it, you can keep refreshing the game center. Or just wait patiently!

What to do When Mini Militia Crashes and Lags?

It happens when you store the apps in your SD card instead of internal storage. The SD storage takes more time to load and is slow. But don’t worry, you can solve the matter by erasing the phone’s memory and restarting it.

The Multiplayer Mode not loading for Online Play

You can play doodle army 2 with up to 12 offline players over a subnet or LAN. While 6 players can combat using the online mode. The mini militia online gameplay needs an internet speed of minimum 20Kbps. If you don’t have fast internet, then you might not find multiplayer online. You might lag while shooting and the team can suffer. To solve this issue use a stable internet connection. If Wi-Fi isn’t working try using mobile internet. 

Unresponsive Players – Hanging in the Air

It is really annoying when the weapons or the players become unresponsive. Especially if they dangle in the air and halt to fire. You wait for their shooting but alas! To fix it, you can update the APK file or wait for the developer to fix the bugs.

Problem Using the Pro Pack

After buying the pro pack, you expect an unlimited supply of ammo and nitro. But instead, it doesn’t work. You try the modded version, and the result is the same. We suggest you uninstall the game and reinstall the modded or original pro pack. This will probably retrieve the unlimited version of mini militia.


With our mini militia troubleshooting guide, you can solve more than half of your issues. We’ve compiled this guide from our experience and research. We’ll keep updating this list for you to play stress-free combat. 


Why can’t I use the DA2 dual wield?

The latest version of mini militia allows you to use the dual wield after reaching a specific weapon level of combat. For example, for magnum to reach level 10, to get a dual wield.

What are the game system requirements for the latest mini militia?

You’ll need the KitKat version 4.4 for Android and iOS 9.0 on iPhone or iPad to play the shooter game. However, you can download the older versions with mini militia mods.

How can I find my unique ID on mini militia?

Go to the in-game profile in your APK. There you can the unique identifier assigned to you by the doodle army.

I am unable to connect to mini militia online. What to do?

If you’ve downloaded the latest version of the game on your phone and your device runs on the required OS then you might want to look into the following:

  • restart the game or your device.
  • switch to airplane mode and hold for 10s
  • uninstall background apps.
  • clean the cache and get rid of unused files
  • reinstall the game
  • check your internet connection
  • change your device
  • play the modded version of mini militia