Mini Militia Tips and Tricks 2023 – Level up & Win

Mini Militia Tips and Tricks 2023

Joust the enemy with power and insight!

The mini militia is a strategic shooting game. More than 100 million users have downloaded it from the Google play store. Although the mod APK version of mini militia is also safe to play. It is a 2D multiplayer game with up to 20 locations for battle.

You can win every match if you play your cards right. Plan your moves using weapons, mines, shields, and jetpack flight. Here are the top mini militia tips and tricks to level up and win over the enemy. These strategies are based on our experience of playing this game. 

Mini Militia Tips and Tricks to Win Every Match

The doodle army 2 needs you to be proactive. Rack your brain to conquer the battlefield with these pro tips:

  • Follow the basics: People have loved this game because of the element of surprise. Do not shoot blindly in the air. As you start the battle, you’ll see movement and gun controls. Move, collect weapons, load, and aim in the direction of the red arrow. Start shooting as the opponent appears.
  • Practice Shooting: For starters, play the free-survival mode to polish your shooting skills and familiarize yourself with the battle arena. You can train under a sergeant for as long as you want. Prepare ahead and then enter the game as a pro!
  • Team Up to Level Up: A friend in need is a friend indeed. You’ll need backups as the enemy fiercely shoots at you. To have an exciting game you should play the game online with friends. Use the game center to make custom games for friends. However, the offline mode is also available over a local connection.
  • Wield Lethal Grenades: As you see the enemy approaching, through grenades. Use the powerful gas grenades to smoke the battleground and come to grips with the enemy. Target the spawning sites. This way you can hinder the opponent effectively. Also, use these bombs during the heavy fire from the enemy at your teammates.
  • Double the Trouble: When the attacking army gets close, it’s wise to use dual weapons. The best choice would be to combine a short-range and a long-range weapon. Don’t use a piston or a simple revolver to kill a healthy enemy. Understand how to use the switching guns techniques to surprise opponents and make them think about their strategy.
  • Lay Mines: Either buy the pro pack or download the mini militia mod apk to use mines. These traps will restrain the enemy and give you ample time to reload and gain health. Place the mines strategically in the path of your opponent. Ideally, In the bushes and at the spawning sites.
  • Nitro Power: The two-dimensional movements of your avatar will help you change positions and shoot from a wide range. Keep an eye on the blue line showing your flying jetpack power. The Nitro power is meant for taking cover and leaving the battleground in case of low health.
  • Pull back and Kneel: In my experience, it’s reasonable to crouch when you’re in danger, especially when your opponent is strong. It’ll help you lower the hits you take. It is more of a survival technique than an active fight. 
  • One-shot KillMake sure you master two guns to the best of your ability. Be swift in killing and use the one-shot kill feature for scoring and gaining ranks.
  • Avoid Strong Enemy: At the start of a team or solo play, never fight with an experienced opponent. Choose the enemy same as your level of expertise. This way you’ll save battle points and not get killed. 
  • Suicide Mode: If you’ve scored enough kill points and leveled up from the basic private rank. The suicide feature will help you avoid losing battle points. You can kill yourself when running low on health.
  • Take Advantage of the Opponent’s Low Health: It’s a no-brainer! If you find two players fighting each other, kill them to gain easy points. They’re probably in low health and this is your chance to level up.

Pro Weapon Combos in Mini Militia Doodle Army 2

The best mini militia tip I tried was using the maps, enemy, and weapon for the fight. Utilize munitions appropriately and win. Zoom your weapon settings up to a maximum level to hit the target.

Use a shotgun and flamethrower if the enemy gets too close. This will ensure maximum damage and save you game points. It’s better to deploy an AK-47 and a sniper rifle for a long shooting range.

If you haven’t tried out the lethal and modern machine guns yet, you aren’t really doing the game. Shoot the rival with MP5 and UZI to finish off. Internet players have also suggested a dual ammunition combination of:

  • Sniper rifle and shotgun
  • Shield and UZI machine gun
  • M4 and shotgun
  • or a Bazooka and flamethrower
mini militia tips


The popularity of this thrilling shooter game lies in your skill and planning. Like any other video game, you’ll need to learn the nitty-gritty to conquer the combat. The mini militia tips and tricks are a clever way to beat your rival. Keep an eye on the enemy, set a game plan, deploy deadly hidden mines, explore dual wield, shoot at the enemy with low health, and strategize your moves. This is the whole premise of the animated doodle army 2. Keep playing and have fun!


What is the easiest way to win in the mini militia?

It would be to practice death and survival match before starting the actual game. Secondly, use a variety of ammunition and nitro power to attack and fly during the fierce fight. Lastly, strategize your moves to inflict maximum damage on the enemy.

How do I improve my aim in the mini militia?

Practice and get the pro pack. Understand mini militia tips and tricks to improve your shooting skills. As you enter the game, the red arrow will point to the attacking rival. Wait until your enemy appears, and then use dual weapons for killing.

Is mini militia mod APK safe to download?

Yes, you can download and install the game without any security issues.