Mini Militia Pro Pack Mod APK (Version 5.4.0) Unlock Everything 2023

Mini militia for IOS

Play like a Professional! With the mini militia pro pack, you can enjoy a plethora of guns, fictitious locations, and deceptive looks including female avatars. Enjoy this online game with multiple players from around the world. Be unique with our professional and latest version of doodle army 2 shooting experience. It’s safe to install this mod version of mini militia.

AppMini Militia Pro Pack Mod APK
Latest Version      5.4.0
Android OS          4.4 and up
Developer            Appsomniacs
Release Date        2011
Publisher on Play StoreMiniclip
Updated2 days ago

How to Download Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia Pro Pack

Cherry pie! Open and click on the download button. And then follow these steps:

  • Uninstall old versions of mini militia before installing the pro pack mini militia mod APK. 
  • Click on the download button given above.
  • Then go to the security settings of your android smartphone and allow unknown sources. This will let you install third-party apps. 
  • Open the file manager, go to the download section, and install the pro pack download file.
  • Add the game to your home screen and start playing!

Android Requirements for the Latest Mini Militia Pro Pack

The latest version of the mini militia unlocked pro pack needs android OS 4.4 and above with KitKat. This is available on smartphones available commonly. In fact, you can use your old phone for this game. You can the mini militia on your iOS too.

Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia Plot

This game takes you to a mysterious land, where you face a stirring action-packed fight. Imagine yourself in an abandoned territory. The unknown enemy is watching you from the hills. You hear gunshots being fired at you. And the only way to survive is if you retaliate. Hit up and start using the weapons at hand. Be proactive and strategic in your game plan. 

In addition, the mini militia is renowned for being both solo and team-oriented players. You can play with your friends or with strangers anywhere in the online world. 

Features of Mini Militia Unlocked Pro Pack

Enjoy the adventure combat with free and endless access to rewards, health, weapons, locations, and team matches.

Features of Mini Militia Unlocked Pro Pack

Enjoy the adventure combat with free and endless access to rewards, health, weapons, locations, and team matches. First, you’ll need to log in to your Google Playstore account for the game to proceed to higher levels.

2D Graphics with Sound

Doodle army is based on the stickman shooter game designed by Chad Towns before 2011. The two-dimensional animation lessens the element of violence. The controls of this game are based on vertical and horizontal scrolling. 

The sound effects resemble the marching of fierce militias. You can control the volume and talk to teammates during the pro-pack combat. Natural sounds of bullets, grenades, the death of a character, and sarge will give you goosebumps.

Modern Weapons and Unlimited Ammo

The real thrill in doodle army is the variety of weapons available. You can use single or dual wield. We recommend you download the pro version of the mini militia mod apk. Using the unlimited supply of munitions, take over the enemy. This will help you engage with contemporary ammunition like:

  • heavy duty AK47
  • high precision MP5k
  • Glock 17 Gen III
  • machine Gun M249 
  • daggers and machete
  • armor baseball bat
  • deadly MK3A1
  • the explosive desert eagle 

Custom Looks for the Doodle Army

Select from avatars, including Avengers, iron man, barbarian, or a fierce woman character. If you wish, you can change the hairstyle, clothing, and facial features of the character to make it look more deadly.

Catching Storyline

Have no fear! This game is packed with adventure and adrenaline rush. You can access a minimum of 20 locations with the pro pack download. The unpredictability and mystery of each battleground will enrich your excitement. Just pick up a gun or two and start fighting off your rivals. 

Have a combat in free for all, team deathmatch, and practice modes. We advise you train before entering the arena.

Collect and Use Winning Tactics

Try using all the maneuvers essential for winning the match. The mini militia pro pack is famous for its untiring schemes. You’ll be able to:

  • revive your avatar’s health with the health regen feature
  • grow your pace of shooting with the boost element
  • and improve your accuracy to take down enemies more easily

Everybody’s Invited

You can invite random people or friends from social media accounts into your game center. Whether you want to take on the other teams or get into a brawl where everybody is out for themselves, you have the option. Play relentlessly and kill your friends just for fun. Wink!

Online and Offline Gameplay

This shooter game is preferred because of its latest bug fixes and modes. Team up with your friends to play the shooter game online or offline over a local area network. If you’re planning a family get-together over Christmas eve or over the weekend, the offline feature will come in handy. 

Is Mini Militia Pro Pack Free and Safe?

Yes, doodle army 2 pro pack is free if you download the modified version. The mod APK mini militia has unlimited rewards. And it’s completely safe for your device. However, you can pay for the play store version of this game.

Final Words

Paint the town red! Download the mini militia pro pack mod APK and have a nail-biting combat with your opponents. You can fight alone or as a team. Use your PC to enjoy gameplay on a bigger screen. And get free unlimited rewards with this modified version. Level up and gain battle points. Get ranked as the commanding officer and leave the battlefield as a conqueror.


How to get the mini militia pro pack for free?

Download the modded version of the game from the internet. The play store gives you a pro pack but it’s a paid feature.

Who developed the mini militia pro pack?

Chad Towns and Mayer Hunt from Appsomniacs LLC developed the game with its pro features.

Can I download a mini militia pro pack from the play store?

Yes, you can purchase it from Google and Apple play stores.

Is mini militia famous?

It is a trending hooter game in many countries. More than 100 million people have downloaded it from the Google play store alone.