Mini Militia Old Version – Free Download 2023

mini militia old version
App NameMini Militia Old Version Mod APK
Old Version4.3.5
App Size43.73 MB
Game CategoryShooting/Action
Developed by      Appsomniacs
Published byMini clip
Updated2 Days Ago

Our modified version of doodle army 2 mini militia gives you unlimited everything features like:

  • Multiplayer offline mode
  • Solo play
  • Online mode
  • Professional pack ( unlimited weapons, bullets, ammo)
  • Limitless flight jet-pack
  • Unlimited Nitro
  • Death spray
  • Inexhaustible cash rewards, coins & health
  • Endless ranks or mega mode

How to Download the Mini Militia Old Version 2023

Follow these steps to download and install the old mini militia game:

  • Open to download the old version of mini militia.
  • Click on the download button and save the file in your smartphone’s file manager.
  • To install the game, go to your device security settings and select unknown sources. This will allow the installation of third-party apps. 
  • You’ll need a stable internet connection to install the mod APK on your android phone.
  • After installation, delete the download file from the download section of your phone. That way, you’ll save space on your device and prevent bugs.
  • That’s all you will have to do, launch the old modded version and enjoy unlimited battles.

System Requirements for Old version of Mini Militia 

The classic game requires old and inexpensive phones. It can run on android 4.1 Jelly Bean, which is an android classic. Keep in mind that you might be unable to play this game on your high-end latest smartphone.

Mini Militia Old Version

Old is Gold! This phrase fits well with the older version of the mini militia APK. Playing this action game will bring you memories of the good old days. The days when Android technology was simple. 

You can play the mini militia old version in multiplayer or solo mode to take over the enemy in different maps. The cartoon-themed 2-dimensional gameplay is engaging. Use the ammunition and nitro power to fuel your doodle for a fight. Make sure you defend yourself to win over the enemy.

Here’s the kicker, we give you the old version of doodle army mini militia without any modification. 

Mini Militia Old Version: Why do Players Like them?

Although, over 100 million people have downloaded its new version from the Google Play Store. One might wonder who will download the old version of the mini militia. It’s people like me who want to enjoy the 2-D shootout. Players prefer this oldie for many reasons:

  • It offers a user-friendly interface.
  • Either their smartphones do not support features of the latest version of mini militia.
  • They like the simple older version modes more than the new doodle army.
  • You can reuse your old smartphone running on Android 4.1.
  • Allows online and offline games.

First Version of Mini Militia Classic: Doodle Army 2

The mini militia shooting game was developed in 2011 by Chad Towns (Appsomniacs LLC). Later, Hunter Mayer joined Chad as a game developer. And to date, the two are working relentlessly to update the 2D shooting video game.

The first version had the following play modes:

  • Online multiplayer 
  • Offline multiplayer via local network
  • Offline solo training 

How to Play Doodle Army 2-Mini Militia Old Version

You can bounce off the walls with the classic mini militia across 20 fictitious locations. The gameplay is simple and includes combat with 6 online players. In addition, users can play via Bluetooth or a subnet connection with more than one player.

The character or doodle was designed with animated graphics to minimize the effects of violence. In training mode, players can hone their shooting agility under the supervision of an expert sarge. Flying rocket boots help the doodle fire out of different positions. Players can use hand grenades and melee to kill their enemy fearlessly. In short, you’ll love conquering the battlefield in 2D animations!

play mini militia old version

Features of DA2 Mini Militia Mod APK Old Version

The modified version of doodle army 2 mini militia is also available for PC and iOS and has the following exciting features :

Immersive Combat

You can beat the enemy with vertical and horizontal movements like flying, jumping, and kneeling. The battle gets immersive with each level. Playing with your friends can boost the experience manifold.

Unlimited Ammo and Nitro

With the endless pro pack, you can use the ammunition with zoom control. Utilize melee and hand grenades as frag and gas. You can get unlimited weapons like Uzi, PHASR, Magnum, AK47, sniper gun, machete, Flamethrower, Saw Gun, etc. When playing with friends, use the dual shooting control. 

Multiple Boosters

With our modded old version of mini militia, the players can have unlimited access to jetpack power. Use multiple boosters to fly high and hail from above. Level up and defeat the opponent!

Endless Rewards

As you progress, you can win limitless rewards at the end of each combat. It includes coins, cash, reloads, new weapons, etc. 

Change Character Outlook

Bolt from the blue! Surprise your rivals with a new look for your doodle in every game. Change your dress and accessorize your animated character with new get-ups. 

Online and Offline Gameplay

Play the mini militia mod APK old version online or offline via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi with up to a team of six. Make the most out of this combat in team combat

Lightening Speed 

Drop a bombshell over the opponent by using the 3-speed boosts. Get ahead of your rival by speeding up while using a death sprayer. You know this game is all about who lasts till the end. So, use the free and unlimited resources and dominate the battlefield like a pro!


How can I get an older version of the Mini Militia?

It is not available on the play store, but you can download the old version of mini militia from the internet. 

What was the first version of the Mini Militia?

The first version was the mini militia classic. It was based on the original doodle army game. 

How to play mini militia with friends?

You can connect with multiple players via local WiFi or Bluetooth connection.

How to win the mini militia game?

Shoot all your enemies and survive till the end of the game. It can last for about 6 minutes.

The Verdict

The mini militia old version mod APK is one of the most demanded shooting games. Get unlimited and free features of weapons, coins, health, and multiplayer offline gameplay. Whether you’re playing it on your Android or iOS device, you can always enjoy previous versions. Download the game and relish the action!