Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia Battle Pass Latest Features 2023

Mini Militia Battle Pass is a limited-season feature. With the pass, you’ll receive rewards and ranks for enticing gameplay!

battle pass mini militia

The doodle army 2 has maintained its liking among the players for a decade. In a recent update, Miniclip announced a reward feature. Although there have been previous versions of this reward system, the latest upgrade takes the cake.

Here we give you all the features and seasons of battle pass mini militia mod apk.

What is Battle Pass Mini Militia

The pass is a paid feature available in the game center. This feature gives players unlimited coins, weapons, avatars, cash, and rank or badges. But to buy the battle pass, you’ll have to score battle points.

So, play more to win more!

How to Win Battle Points for Mini Militia Battle Pass

The points won by players are essential to survive in combat for a long. And the one who lasts till the end wins! There are a few rules to earn maximum battle points:

  1. To win points, play full matches and achieve a high score. If you leave combat before it is completed, you will not receive battle points.
  2. Finish your combat with a good position on the leader board. A top player will earn more points than others.
  3. Collect the rewards before the season ends and keep playing to win more points.

Criteria for Battle Points Allocation

Before we tell you about the battle points, understand that it’s important for the players to collect the rewards before the end of their season.

As you know, the mini militia is an online and offline multiplayer video game. If you’re playing with fewer than 6 players, then the points are allocated as follows:

5-Player Game

Only rewards for positions 1, 2, 3, and 4 will be available to players. Thereby eliminating the 6th position.

4-Player Game

Positions 2, 3, 4, and 5 will receive bonuses, while positions 1 and 6 will not.

3-Player Game 

You can get rewards for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place. 1st, 5th, and 6th place awards will be withdrawn.

2-Player Game

Fighters will only receive 3rd and 4th place awards.

Features of Battle Pass Mini Militia

Mini Militia is a cartoon-based shooting game. You can play the game in 20 different locations. Although with the premium versions, you can access new fictitious battlefields. Features like weapons, health, pro pack, dual wield, nitro and ammo, and much more are accessible in the modified versions for free.

With the latest version of the mini militia APK, the battle pass offers the following benefits:

Unlimited Weapons

Access machine guns, rocket launchers, PHASR, Flamethrowers, and modern armory. Use the weapons to your benefit and kill the opponents fearlessly. And leave the battleground as a winner!

Endless Coins and Cash

Win exciting prizes such as cash and coins throughout the match. The battle pass gives you an unlimited supply of coins. You can utilize the coins to buy new grenades and ammo. 

Avatar Features

Change your character with the latest hairstyle, dress, and face to deceive the enemy. These looks are available for free in the mini militia battle pass.

Dual Wield

Use the dual safety, with 2 different munitions and shields. Take control of the battlefield by being invisible to the enemy. And take over the fierce rival.

Ultimate Health

As the game progresses, it becomes hard to keep your avatar’s health. But with the battle pass feature, you’ll win multiple lives, endless re-spawns, and unlimited health. Surprise your enemy every time!

Does the Battle Pass End

Yes, it does. Check the time left for the current season at the top of the game display. If the timer shows zero left days, then your season has ended. In this case, collect the battle points and keep leveling up!

mini militia battle pass

Final Thoughts

As a result of their tireless efforts, Appsomniacs LLC and Miniclip have upgraded this 2D animated video game. The mini militia battle pass is an exciting new take on the classic. You can purchase the seasonal pass for up to a month. 

Invite your friends through the game center and show them your shooting skills. Get daily rewards and enjoy conquering the battlefield.


What is a mini militia battle pass?

It is paid feature of getting ranks with rewards. Although it lasts up to a month, you can enjoy the coins, weapons, and more for days after your pass ends.

Is the battle pass unlimited?

No, the original feature is seasonal. However, you can download modified versions from the internet.

Who published the latest battle pass mini militia?

Miniclip announced the release of this update. It gets updated from time to time.

How can I download mini militia?

Get it from google or download the mod version from our website. You’ll have to enable unknown sources from device security settings. And then install mini militia mod APK.