Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia Avatars – Exciting Features

Mini Militia Avatars

In 2011, Appsomniacs released a shooting game named the Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia. It is an exciting 2D shooting game. The game is exciting because of its storyline. You’ll appear as an avatar or a 2D character in the game. However, to dodge the enemy, players can have multiple mini militia avatars. 

The doodle army character has evolved with the game since its release on the Play Store. Here’s a list of features and skins available for your mini militia mod APK avatars.

Mini Militia Avatar Features

Mini militia characters appear as fighters or fierce sergeants. The avatars help you add more fun to the combat.  We give you this informational guide about the tailored doodle character. These are the changes that you can make to change the outlook of your mini militia avatar.

You Name it!

Mini militia mod APK allows you to name your avatar. You can tag your avatar as a joker or spider-man. Enjoy playing with friends and call them by their childhood nicknames. 

Mini militia star wars

Change the Militia Skin 

It is possible to change your avatar’s skin in Doodle Army 2. Additionally, you can choose a shaved 2D character or a bearded one. You can add a mustache with a dark skin tone to look like a tribal warrior. 

Create different Moods and Face Features

Cut a dash and appear as a bold character on the battlefield!

Customize the facial expressions of your character in the mini militia mod APK version of the game. You can modify the eyebrow shapes, eyes, and mouth to appear fierce. Update the hairstyle and hair color to look mysterious. 

Mini militia avatar accessories
Mini militia avatar face
Mini militia avatar hair

Update Avatar Dress

Choose a funny outfit for yourself and the team. Dress up as an army man, ready to take on the enemy. Become a Chicken man, Star wars Darth Wader, death angel, or a Pirate. In the mini militia pro pack version, you can select many outfits throughout the combat. 

Mini militia avatar dress

The Lady Avatar

The mini militia has been downloaded approximately 100 million times from the Play Store. This staggering number shows that there are many female players in the game. To accommodate your female teammates, get them the famous female fighter avatar. 

Be the Harley Quinn of your shooter army and have a thrilling fight, ladies!

Mini militia avatar girl
Mini militia avatar fighter girl

Is there an App for Mini Militia Avatars?

Yes, the Play Store has an app for designing avatar looks. Even though the app is not developed by Appsomniacs. But it is safe to download on your smartphone.

This mini militia mod APK for avatar looks includes the following features:

  • Popular characters like the Tollywood’s Kattappaa or Kabali, Giant or Hog Raider from the clash of clans, and Nick Fury
  • Humorous tags for doodle army avatars
  • Complete guide to different locations and maps on the battlefield
  • Tips and ranking information for multiplayer combats

This app has a lot of helpful tips and chat codes for the players. It comes in handy when you get stuck with different maps. Also, you can level up and achieve high scores using vivid avatars with unlimited health. 

However, the app is not ad-free and might disrupt you in the battle.

Why is Mini Militia Popular?

The doodle army 2 has been popular since its launch. The game is famous because it is available in online and offline modes, the customization of avatars breaks the monotony and the limitless weapons for fighting. Players prefer this game over others for its easy and non-violent 2D action. The controls for ammunition, hand grenades, flight, and hovering keep people engaged for hours. Lastly, you can enjoy combat with friends from all over the world across the mystic maps.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is an animated shooting game. You can use many weapons to kill an enemy in more than 20 locations. Get a flying nitro jetpack to fire from higher grounds and conquer the battlefield.

Yes, it is safe to download and play on your android phone.

Yes, you can download mini militia for the iOS device from the Apple Store or get the modded version for your iPhone and iPad.

There are countless combinations of face, skin, dress, and other features for your character. So, download the mini militia mod APK and customize your avatar endlessly.


A video game is fun if it’s versatile. Most games get boring after you reach a certain level but not the mini militia. This is because you can customize your character continuously during the fight. We’ve explained the avatars and their features for your ease!

The mini militia avatars are available as a paid feature from the Play store and as a modded APK. You can enjoy either based on your preference. Play as a joker or the deadly giant, it’s up to you. Alter the skin tone, facial expressions, gender, or outfit of your character. Be unpredictable and surprise your enemy with changing looks whenever you enter the battlefield. It’ll add fun to the gameplay!