Mini Militia Achievements- Ultimate Guide 2023

Mini Militia Achievements Ultimate Guide

As pro-doodle army shooters, we’ve experienced different levels of mini militia achievements. But we won’t keep it to ourselves. This short but informative article will help you understand how to win every game and earn higher ranks and badges. 

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Mini Militia Achievements – All you can Achieve

You can start the game as a private low-ranked player. But as you progress, higher ranks like general and commanding officer awaits you. A newbie needs to know how to play the game to achieve more in less time. 

Here is the list of available achievements in the mini militia APK:

Novice Doodle Armyman

To achieve this level you’ve to finish the tutorial mode. In this mode, players can polish their aiming and shooting skills. Additionally, it’ll help you to level up.

The Veteran Militia

Be the veteran shooter by playing with your teammates. The criteria to get to this level is playing up to 100 combats. Play as a team, not solo! 

Royal Elite Militia

The players have to clear 500 multiplayer matches successfully to achieve the elite militia title. Be consistent and have your go!

The Master Militia

No one can become a master overnight. You will have to win 1000 team battles to get to this stage. 

Doodle Army 2 Champion

Put in some elbow grease and become a champion. If you win more than 1000 multiplayer combats, this title will be yours.

The Addict Militiaman

Play this shooting game in moderation. However, if you pass a 20 hours challenge of playing and have your name on this mini militia achievement.

Last Enthusiast

A militia enthusiast is the last one alive who has played the game for 50 hours. 

The Pro Militia

Players can accomplish 10 kill streaks in their survival mode to become a professional doodle army shooter.

Epic Legend 

To be an epic legend and have your name in the top mini militia gurus, you’ll have to achieve 100 kill streaks. This can only be played in survival mode.

Ultimate Militia Warrior 

Be the unbeatable warrior by completing 1,000 kill streaks in a row. This is the last utmost achievement anyone can wish for.

Can You Complete all Mini Militia Achievements?

Yes, anyone with high scores can have all the achievements. Like Gameatron, the best mini militia player, you can win all the badges with the highest ranks. 
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Final Thoughts

The doodle army was developed by Appsomniacs as a 2D shooter game. Based on the stick-man doodle army, this game has gained admiration from millions of video gamers. 

To enjoy the game, you can be a novice player or an ultimate warrior. The immersive gameplay leads offer distinct mini militia achievements. Practice the game with survival mode and get unlimited rewards. Download the mod APK version of doodle army 2 mini militia to conquer your enemy.


Yes, it is online. However, you can play it offline with friends over a local area network.

Around 100 million people have downloaded the game. It is indeed a popular and fun game. The best shooter game to play with your family.

There are 21 ranks ranging from private to commander of the army.

A few games are freely available on the Play Store. To play it for free, install the modded version of the game.