How to Play Mini Militia Doodle Army 2- Complete Guide 2023

how to play mini militia

Playing doodle army 2 mini militia becomes trickier with each level. Despite this, you can easily defeat your enemy if you are familiar with the basics. The answer to how to play Mini Militia mod APK lies in understanding the following:

  • training mode
  • movement control 
  • toggling powerful weapon combination
  • taking cover and using shields
  • shooting while kneeling and somersaulting
  • suicide to avoid losing game points
  • tactics for solo and team play

Playing techniques for the mini militia APK and mini militia mod are the same. The difference between the two is that you’ll get unlimited nitro, ammo, health, coins, and other rewards for free with the modified version.

Getting the Most Out of DA2 Mini Militia

Developed by a team of like-minded game enthusiasts, the mini militia has a rich history. The success of this shooting game is evident from its download stats. The DA2 mini militia is a 2D shooter game based on the classic stick shooter doodle army (DA1). You’ll need the following system requirements to have an enticing gaming experience:

  • Android 4.4 and above for smartphone
  • iOS 9 and above for iPhone and iPad
  • Windows 10,8,7 for PC
  • Emulators such as BlueStacks and Nox player are needed for PC

Open the downloaded game on your device. You’ll enter a user-friendly 2D animated interface. Click on the BATTLE option in the bottom right corner to start.

  • You’ll see 20 locations to choose a map to play with. 
  • In the free solo version online, you’ll have to wait 10 seconds for other players to gather.
  • Now, your avatar will enter the battlefield along with melee weapons. Collect weapons available nearby. 
  • Use the movement control from the bottom left corner and the shooting control from the bottom right corner of your screen display.
  • The fight will last up to 6 minutes or a few seconds if you get killed. In this case, your avatar will respawn in 5 seconds. 
  • You can change the weapons from the top right corner and refill by clicking the ammunition icon, next to it. 
  • Check the health and nitro jetpack for the flight from the top center part. 
  • Use a grenade and punch from the bottom center part of your screen.
  • The avatar can commit suicide by jumping off the cliff, and it will save you battle points. 
  • Continue shooting the attacking army and level up!

Playing the Latest Version of Mini Militia APK

This version offers you online and offline gameplay. You can connect with up to 6 friends from Facebook for a team deathmatch or with random people over the internet.

Also, you can enjoy the fight over a hotspot connection or local area network with internet connectivity. Add up to 12 people for a team match. And win over your enemy!

How to Play Mini Militia Mod on LAN

The older versions of the mini militia mod from 2019 allow users to play in a practice or local mode. You can invite your friends to the local area network. To understand better, follow these simple steps:

  1. Start the game on your Android phone or iOS device.
  2. Go to the Practice. It says local in a bracket.
  3. Choose your favorite game mode.
  4. Then select Wi-Fi settings to start playing.
  5. Create a room and make yourself the host or admin.
  6. Invite your friends over the LAN and make a team against your rivals.

You and your friends must be linked through one Wi-Fi connection. Set yourself as the admin and this way you can control the maps, players, and timer, and exclude unneeded players. 

Know the Game!

Troubleshooting for Beginners

In most cases, the players struggle to connect to the game, sign in, and find other players. To help you get out of any trouble, we suggest you make a few changes to your phone’s settings.

  • Go to your phone’s settings.
  • Now open the installed Apps.
  • Reset app preferences to their default values, turn off alerts, and default actions, disable offline file limits for apps, and disable any permission restrictions.

Tips to Win Mini Militia 

Play fearlessly with these clever tricks to win the fight every time.

· Melee and Fire can be used simultaneously to win a close fight.

· Trap your enemy with the proxy mines

· Make use of the melee and flying features to overwhelm your opponents.

· Defuse the hidden mines, that’s how you open a blocked area due to a dead doodle.

· Take shelter under the road or behind a wall to regain energy

· Use a combination of sniper gun and bazooka to maximize damage to the foes.


1. How is the latest Mini Militia played?

Open the game, then click on the battle option. Start the game in one of the three modes. Play solo online or as a team, both online and offline.

2. How to win Mini Militia easily?

Attack the enemy with the lowest health and level up.

3. How to play multiplayer on Mini Militia?

Select the death match and invite friends or random people online to play the game. You can play as a team offline over a LAN connection.

4. How to play mini militia mod APK?

It is the same as the regular game; only the player gets unlimited everything to win over the enemy.

5. What controls are there in mini militia Doodle army 2?

You can use a weapon and movement controls from the game’s top and bottom left and right corners. Also, check for the jet-pack power and remaining lives from the top center panel.

Final Words

Hopefully, our guide on how to play mini militia will make you a more adventurous and worry-free player. Know the game by understanding its troubleshoots. Clear your way of lags and login problems to have a break-free combat. Download this action-packed game today and have a great time!