Brief History of Mini Militia-Doodle Army 2

history of mini militia

Hello gaming enthusiasts!

We’ve all played video games at some point in our lives. That used to be my teenage guilty pleasure. Today we’ll walk you through a brief history of mini militia doodle army 2 shooting games. In the late 90s, video gaming via handheld controls was famous. And many people used to play action games in video gaming shops. 

In 1997, technology started changing with a boost in app development. It was the time when phones like Nokia introduced the famous Snake game. After the development of App stores and smartphones, the video gaming industry developed into apps. 

Who Developed Mini Militia Doodle Army 2

The creator of this immersive action game is Chad Towns. Although he partnered with Josh Neff and later Hunter Mayer. This game is developed under Appsomniacs LLC, based in Pacific Northwest, North America. 

Chad Towns gained inspiration for the mini militia games from his earlier invention Stickmen Doodle Army. In the early stages, Josh Neff helped Chad to maintain and run the game. But in 2012, Josh started a new game development company and parted ways with Chad. 

It was the time when Hunter Mayer joined Appsomniacs as a game developer and co-partner. Currently, Hunter manages operations, alerts systems, develops code for game servers, and helps with designing and outlook of the DA2.

According to Hunter Mayer, he and Chad are working side by side to keep the game up to date and top of the charts. Over 100 million people downloaded and played this game, so it must be challenging.

Release Date of DA2 Mini Militia 

Mini Militia APK is a modern version of the classic doodle army. According to Appsomniacs, the game was developed in 2011, and its release date on Playstore is March 13, 2015. Previously, Chad Towns developed the stickman shooter army android game.

Who Publishes Mini Militia on App Stores

The famous shooting game is published via Miniclip on the Google and Apple Play stores. The mini militia is among the top-rated and downloaded games to date. In 2008 it was a 275 million Euros company. More than 7 billion games have been downloaded from Miniclip.

In 2022, the company decided to focus on mobile games and discontinued its popular browser games. Although their two famous games named the 8 ball pool and exist. The Miniclip company works with Chad and Hunter for the release and customization of the mini militia game.

What distinguishes Mini Militia from other APKs?

A shooting game is all about skill and thrill!

The action game has exciting gameplay on over 20 different mythical battlefields. It offers you to use modern weapons in a 2D format to kill the enemy. Furthermore, players can fly, kneel, jump, and hide during heavy shooting. You can unlock melee attacks, coins, Nitro power, and unlimited health as you progress.

Was Mini Militia 3 Ever Launched

In 2018, Hunter told the Quora community about the launch of DA3. According to rumors, the Doodle Army 3 was meant to be a revival of DA2 with better graphics. But Miniclip asked Appsomniacs to put the project on hold. According to Hunter, Miniclip wanted them to fix the bugs and lags in DA2 instead of developing a new game. They didn’t want to lose millions of users of mini militia 2. 

Miniclip suggested Chad and Hunter improve the security, messaging, and developing newer versions of the same shooting game. The creators of Appsomniacs LLC have committed to expanding their product since then.

DA2 Mini Militia Latest Version 2023

Recently the game was updated, and Chad and Hunter provide their customers with the best 2D graphics with no lags. They’ve been working on the infrastructure like:

· scalability and sustainability

· maintaining multiple back-ends

· email sign-up and sign-in server

· a flawless hack-prevention system

· storing game data and preventing malware 

· collaborating with partners to keep up with the growing number of users globally

Mini Militia Classic vs. Mini Militia DA2

It’s an easy game to play! There is not much difference in the gameplay except for the outlook of the avatar and maps. Training and survival mode offers an exciting way to polish your shooting skills. 

However, the ways may differ in the classic DA1 and the latest DA2 mini militia. The classic game offers battle in solo play, quick play, and multiplayer modes. While the updated version has three distinct modes, free for all, team deathmatch, and practice.

Both games offer multiplayer combat, online or through a subnet connection. You can buy the APK version of this game from Google or the Apple play store. If you want free unlimited health, a pro pack, and weapons, try our safest modified version of this game. 

Brief History of Mini Militia Older Versions

This may sound strange older versions of the mini militia are played and loved by many worldwide. The game was designed in two dimensions for vertical and horizontal movements. 

It is important to remember that older versions of the game will not work on the latest Android or iOS devices. On the bright side, if you possess an old smartphone android 3, you can enjoy an outdated version of this game.

To Sum it Up

We’ve shared a brief history of Mini Militia Doodle army 2. Long story short, this game is the effort of dedicated game developers. And they’re still working on updating this game to make it more user-friendly. Play this game and conquer your enemy. 


1. Is mini militia still trending?

Yes, it is trending in Guyana, Jamaica, Nepal, etc.

2. Why are the older versions of doodle army not available on the play store?

Because they’re not in high user demand. Also, they’re not compatible with updated high-end devices.

3. What happened to the DA2 mini militia APK after the ban on PUBG?

The shooting game grew in its business and became a trending game in South East Asia. 

4. Do females play mini militia games?

Based on online reviews, about 35% of the players in this game are females.